Welcome to Week 3!

We're so glad you're going to be joining us at the Summit! We've prepared this guided practice of spiritual disciplines to help you focus your heart and mind on God.

Step 1: Read Scripture

Read 1 Kings 19

After reading the passage of scripture...

Set the timer on your phone for two minutes. Take two minutes to enter silence. Get comfortable, but not too comfortable – you don’t want to fall asleep! Ask God to help you quiet your mind and focus on what God may want to speak to you today. Now, re-read the passage or take a moment to listen to it using a Bible app (I use YouVersion). If you like to keep track of your ideas, thoughts, or feelings, get your journal out as you answer the following questions.

Answer the following questions. If it's helpful to you, use a journal and keep track of thoughts, ideas, or images that come to your mind as you answer these questions.

  • How does God respond to Elijah differently here than God did to Moses last week?
  • What feelings/thoughts might Elijah have experienced as he heard God speak?
  • How have you struggled in your own life to hear God’s voice and obey God’s calling?

Step 2: Prayer

God, you are present in our lives. Thank you for Jesus, who suffered and found you to be present in his suffering. Thank you for the Holy Spirit that meets us in our suffering. Guide me this week, to be still before you, to wait upon you, and to remember that hearing your voice is not something that always comes in my timing. Give me patience to listen, open ears to hear, and a heart that is willing to obey you. Show me ways to be patience, kind, compassionate, and caring to my neighbors that are experience darkness and scared that you are not present. Amen.

Step 3: Weekly Challenge

Go to a place that is peaceful, quiet, and helps you connect with God. Leave your phone behind. Spend 20-30 minutes alone, no music, no T.V., no phone, no social connections, and simply sit in God’s presence. You do not need to offer God anything other than your presence, wait and see how the discipline of resting in God’s presence recharges your soul. Consider how you might take a weekly fast from technology and busyness in order to spend time alone with God.