Welcome to Week 4!

We're so glad you're going to be joining us at the Summit! We've prepared this guided practice of spiritual disciplines to help you focus your heart and mind on God.

Step 1: Read Scripture

Read Psalm 139

After reading the passage of scripture...

Get a piece of paper and a pencil, and get prepared to write an old-fashioned, handwritten letter! Imagine you are God, writing a letter to God’s child (that’s you!), and the content of the letter is Psalm 139. Rewrite Psalm 139 as a letter to you from God. When you finish rewriting the entire letter, read it to yourself.

Answer the following questions. If it's helpful to you, use a journal and keep track of thoughts, ideas, or images that come to your mind as you answer these questions.

  • When you turned the Psalm into a letter and read it to yourself, was it hard to image that God is as crazy about you as the Psalm indicates?
  • What does this passage teach us about humanity, and God’s artistry in creating every individual?
  • Think about your favorite art form – Do you love dancing, singing, acting, painting, drawing, photography, etc.? If you’re not an artist, have you ever taken time to watch an artist creating his or her artwork? Think about the time, energy, passion, and love invested in a piece of art. What does this tell you about our Creator, the greatest artist of all, God?

Step 2: Prayer

Creator God, thank you for your care in creating me. Forgive me for the ways that I fail to acknowledge your handiwork in my neighbors, and help me to see every person I encounter as a beloved child of God. Give me eyes like Jesus to see you in each person, and give me ears to hear your Holy Spirit when I am critical toward your great artistry in others. Amen.

Step 3: Weekly Challenge

Find a way to do artwork this week. Build a model car, paint a picture, color in a coloring book, knit, throw pottery, build something, etc. If you are not an artist, pull up a YouTube video of someone painting, throwing pots, or playing a complicated piece of music. As you do your art or observe an artist pay attention to the detail, care, and attention given to each aspect of the art. If you fill so moved, shared your art with another person.