Welcome to Week 5!

We're so glad you're going to be joining us at the Summit! We've prepared this guided practice of spiritual disciplines to help you focus your heart and mind on God.

Step 1: Read Scripture

Read Luke 1:26-38

After reading the passage of scripture...

Take time to read the passage slowly. Slowly re-read the passage two more times. Then, close your eyes and imagine being present in the room watching this interaction occur, or imagine yourself as Mary. What would you feel? What do you see? How does Mary look? What does the room feel like and what details do you notice? 

Answer the following questions. If it's helpful to you, use a journal and keep track of thoughts, ideas, or images that come to your mind as you answer these questions.

  • How does God reveal God’s plan to Mary?
  • If you were in Mary’s shoes, how would you respond to the angel appearing and calling you to such a great task? (I mean, think about, Mary literally birthed salvation into the world.)
  • How might society have deemed Mary unqualified for this job?
  • How might you or others deem yourself unqualified to do God’s work in the world?

Step 2: Prayer

Dear God, you call everyone, even a young, unwed teen mom to bear your good news into the world. You even call me to bear the good news of Jesus Christ in the world. Holy Spirit, please reveal to me how I can share your good news today to my neighbors. Give me the words I need to speak on your behalf, and the power to love like you. Amen.

Step 3: Weekly Challenge

Think of a neighbor that needs help. Could you mow a neighbor’s yard, babysit for a relative, help your mom clean up the kitchen after dinner, vacuum your grandpa’s house, bake brownies for a family, take time to visit or greet an elderly person from your church? Find a way this week to bear love in the world by sharing your gifts with a neighbor.